Daniel Pirciu

Daniel Pirciu

Growth-Driven Marketer
No-Code Builder
Indie Founder

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Growth Driven Marketer

A specialist at being a generalist

Hiking addict, doer, learning by doing enthusiast, House of Cards fan, and growth marketer. Performing at the crossroads of aesthetics and conversion to create great work for living breathing human beings. I sometimes launch side projects just for the sake of testing another tool published on Product Hunt.These days I'm crazy about building projects fast and without writing code.Side projects I'm working on these days:
💪 The Bootstrapped Way - Do you want to know which acquisition strategies and channels work for getting new (paying) users?
🌮 AppSumo Breakdown - How much do AppSumo deals make on average?
🔎 HubSpot Portal Audit - Are you getting the most value out of your HubSpot Growth Stack?
🎨 LP Designr - Growth-Driven Landing Page Design
🎁 VisuallyCV - my first Etsy shop
🚀 Growth Marketing Courses - list of great online courses for marketers

Daniel Pirciu

Are you getting the most value out of your HubSpot Growth Stack?

HubSpot Portal Audit

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or have been using the software for years, take advantage of my knowledge with a HubSpot audit.I'm going to “pop the hood” on your HubSpot portal to walk through each of HubSpot’s components to discover the low-hanging fruit you can go after to improve your inbound marketing strategies.This is a 50-page comprehensive HubSpot audit and costs $450 and will be completed one week from receiving access to your portal. After a full review, I'm going to screen record an hour-long presentation to review findings and recommendations, leaving you with in-depth documentation and a roadmap to getting the most out of HubSpot.

I will identify the gaps in your inbound marketing plan

My HubSpot audit will analyze the following components of your portal:

  • YTD Data

  • Conversions Reporting

  • GDPR compliance

  • Website Home Page

  • SEO

  • Blogging

  • Content Offers

  • Landing Pages

  • Thank You Pages

  • Forms

  • Calls-to-Action

  • Workflows

  • Lead Scoring

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Email Engagement

You pay a lot for HubSpot

Let me help you maximize the ROI. Get started by filling out the form.

Daniel Pirciu

Thank you!

I'll get back to you within 2-3 business days to schedule a quick call.

In the meantime, I highly recommend
the best Account-Based Marketing course I've ever attended
(100% way better than Demandbase)

Daniel Pirciu

Ideascale case study

Find out how did Ideascale (ideascale.com), a B2B SaaS company, scaled to $750.000 per month.

Daniel Pirciu

Daniel Pirciu

Crează-ți un website personal

În acest curs o să-ți arăt pas cu pas cum să-ți creezi un site personal fără să știi sau să folosești HTML și CSS.

Până acum 2-3 ani ca să-ți creezi un website, personal sau pentru afacere, ar trebui să asiști la o serie de cursuri foarte tehnice legate de HTML, CSS, cloud storage, admin panel, etc. Cursul durează aproximativ 2 ore și este 100% GRATUIT.

Cursul va fi disponibil în 👇

    Îți mulțumesc că te-ai înscris la curs.

    Te voi anunța pe email când sunt live cu tot cursul.
    Între timp, mai jos găsești un mic cadou care sper să te ajute până când cursul va fi disponibil.
    Este o listă de tool-uri și platforme foarte utile.

    Daniel Pirciu

    Îți mulțumesc că ai descărcat CV-ul de pe VisuallyCV.com

    Deși ofer acest CV gratuit, îmi doresc foarte mult să-l îmbunătățesc.
    Pentru asta, am nevoie de părerea ta, ce ți-a plăcut la el, ce nu ți-a plăcut.