Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are written to better explain how to use my site properly.

Just Read

This site is just text and some neat animations. There is nothing else you can do here. Just read shit.


To make this page a little bit more enjoyable here are some development terms and conditions I may use or have used in the past.


404 - Error page

CSS - Cascading Style Sheet, is what makes this site so pretty.

Wireframe - A visual guide to what the content may look like for when I build the site.

Favicon - It’s the little picture in your browser tab.

Browser - It’s the thing you are using to read this right now. I just pray it is not Internet Explorer. If it is, then this site must look awful, because I refuse to support it on my personal stuff.

Sitemap - A basic square and lines chart that shows a global, hierarchical view of a website’s pages.


Conditions are simply “things” that are used in the form of a mathematical statement in order to evaluate a true or false value.

Foobar - A term derived from FUBAR, “F*ed Up Beyond All Recognition”, is used together or separate (foo, bar) to act as examples of text in code.

Poop - C’mon, do I really need to define this for you? Although, I personally use this word is my example of text in code.